The massages are only for men. 

How does it work? You can choose between different kinds of massages

All massages can be composed according to your own wishes. For example combine half an hour of butterfly massage with a foot massage afterwards. Ask for the massage that you want. The relaxation massage is the most complete one.

I'll use a warm, neutral almond oil for all the massages. In case you could be allergic to this, please let me know so I can use a different type of oil. 

You will receive your massage in a room that has one single purpose: to make you feel relaxed all the way. (P.S. What is your favorite color?) The room is specially prepared for your massage, so please respect the time of the booking as much as possible. Keep in mind that parking spots in the area are sometimes difficult to find.

For hygienic reasons I ask that you take a shower before you come to your appointment. 

If it is difficult to take a shower in advance, I offer you the possibility to take a shower at my place. When wanted, you can also take a shower after the massage, although some sources don't recommend this as the oil will need it's time to infiltrate the skin. 



All massages have the same price, depending on the lenght of the massage. 

You can pay cash, through Payconiq or Paypal.

30 min - €40

60 min - €60

90 min - €80

If you would you like to take a shower, there will be a supplement of €10.