Different kinds of massages

Choose your massage

The massages are only for men. 

You can choose out of different kinds of massages. On this page you'll find the different options.The relaxation massage is the most complete one.  But you can also create your own massage: for example a back massage, combined with a massage of the hands and the head. We can discuss the different possibilities together. You can also choose the lenght of the massage. 

I'll use a warm, neutral almond oil for all the massages. In case you could be allergic to this, please let me know so I can use a different type of oil.


Relaxation massage


30, 60 or 90 minutes

This is a general relaxing body massage, based on Swedish massage techniques. The pressure on your muscles can range from pleasantly soft to a firm depth effect, depending on your preferences at the moment.

For a massage of 30 minutes, you'll have to choose between the front or the back side.

In 60 minutes I will massage your back, shoulders, neck, legs, arms, chest and stomach. 

With the 90 minutes massage, you'll also get the foot-hand-head massage. 


Foot-hand-head massage


30 minutes

If you don't have much time, this massage is ideal to escape the world for short time. You don't have to undress. Just take of your shoes, sit down in a comfortable chair, and float away on the feeling. The massage starts at your feet and ends with a relaxing head massage.

Disclaimer: this is not a reflexology massage, but the relaxation is just as real. 




30 minutes

Only your back will be massaged with this special techique. 

The massage consists of a butterfly-soft, slow, repetitive movement around the spine.
Due to the super soft touch, there is usually much less resistance from the body to let go than with a regular massage. The constantly repeated movement brings deep relaxation.
At the end, you also get a calming head massage